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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  April 16, 2019 10:00pm-10:33pm +03

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justice in from a shame people and power investigates india fake news and agitprop on al-jazeera. the e.u. . a nation in mourning france val's to rebuild the cathedral of not after it caught fire a blaze that has burnt the very heart of paris. hello i'm maryam namazie this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. not backing down algerian protesters keep up their demands for democracy as another powerful member of the old guard resigned.
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or up evil in sudan the military council sacks three top prosecutors as demonstrators rally for an eleventh straight day and unveiling the electric ambitions of the world's top car makers we report from the shanghai auto show. a great gothic symbol of power is the not true don cathedral has now really escaped total destruction after a major fire engulfed it on monday almost nothing remains of the roof after flames lick through its medieval timbers and sent the wooden spire crashing into the quiet area where the tension is now shifting to efforts to rebuild the twelfth century cathedral with donations flooding in from all over the world more than eight hundred forty seven million dollars worth of money has already been pledged that includes the city of paris promising some fifty six million dollars and france's two leading luxury goods billionaires about to commit hundreds of millions more
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will be live in the french capital in a moment first this report from bernard smith. more than eight hundred years of history and it took just under twelve hours for much of it to go up in flames on tuesday morning firefighters put out the last embers of one of the most distressing and shocking fires paris has seen. not a dumb cathedral had been undergoing renovation when it became engulfed in flames more than two hundred thousand kilos of lead and thousands of mediƦval oak beams in the roof caught fire easily and fast ribbon molester true. all in all the structure is holding up well but some weak points have been identified especially around the ceiling also the gable end of the north transept that has to be secured this is led to the evacuation of five nearby residential buildings. the interior of the cathedral was destroyed as the roof fell and burning cinders rained down into
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the cathedral as five fighters battle the flames and to save the building and some of its unique paintings and statues some of been moved to paris his town hall on them. we have dedicated a big room to store these pictures in the works of art including the crown of thorns and the sin luis to make their saved. investigators will be allowed inside to make a full assessment until experts a satisfied with the stone wall to structurally sound really. to the regions but it's the whole of france but also the whole of humanity because it's a symbol not only for the world it's a symbol for the unit. of textural language so unique in the world there's only one . before the fire broke out the catholic church was around one hundred seventy million dollars to fund restoration work the state offered about forty five million
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dollars now money has been pledged from across the world but it'll cost many hundreds of millions of dollars more to restore not to down to its former glory. al-jazeera promise. well over its eight hundred fifty six year history not tradition cathedral amassed dozens of ancient artifacts and historical treasures many have been salvaged from the building but some have been lost forever perhaps one of the most famous items saved is the relic from the crown of thorns which is believed to have been placed on the head of jesus christ at his crucifixion. was also home to what is said to be a fragment of the true cross upon which jesus was crucified and an original nail that was used both of them a safe the tunic of sinewy has also been saved it is a thirteenth century linen garment said to have belonged to king louis the only french king to become a saint. eight thousand pipe organ has been damaged but not destroyed originally
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built in fourteen zero three it's one of the largest organs in the world and there are conflicting reports about how damaged the cathedral's rose windows are its fear that the high temperatures could have melted the lead that holds the panes in place . well butler is live for us in paris now where vigils have been taking place and as night falls there in paris how are people coming to terms with what happened the night before. and i think people are in a much more reflective mood than they were on monday nights where those flames were ravaging notre dame cathedral at that point people were extremely shocked they couldn't quite believe what was happening it seemed unimaginable that such a national monument in the center of paris would go up in flames so far as today they're far more reflective mood many people are relieved of course that so much of the building is still standing and you know we were speaking to some people who bit
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earlier you know one woman who said that she lives in the south of france she's in paris working she felt before going home she just had to come here and see with a noise what the cathedral looked like another woman who said that she has grown not here she lives in an apartment overlooking notre dame and she said she just can't believe it for her she felt like a little bit of paris advantage to butter both of those women said that they felt that if there was something positive to come out it is the sense of unity amongst people they feel that people have come together and that was something that the french president touched on in the speech that he made a great earlier model markhor calling on that sense of unity and also talking about how the cathedral will be rebuilt and he said rather ambitious targets. which is really distance of x. we are a people of builders and we have so much to rebuild we will reconstruct this cathedral
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of not within five years even more beautiful we can do it we will do it. and it's asher the money is already started pouring in i think over eight hundred million dollars worth already just how potentially complicated could the reconstruction process be what have you been hearing about that. well i think rebuilding not to dab is going to be an enormous challenge and a model michael's talk about five years but i think many builds in experts will probably find that very ambitious they're talking about you know ten fifteen years possibly even longer and then it depends what you're talking about when you're talking about rebuilding it does that mean coming up with something creative some new design you know. president for the presence of often like to leave their mark on the city by coming up with some architectural creativity for some national monuments on the other hand it could mean trying to restore it to its full mode got
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the glory that will take special or to sounds craftspeople people who really know how to restore such a building not easy to find it's all very costly though because of those donations the money is there but it will be an enormous task it will be a challenge right now though there is a great sense of positivity that perhaps it can be done whether it's five years or not there is a said no matter what must once again be rebuilt and there must be masses once again taking place inside it thank you very much natasha in paris. well now to news from algeria the chairman of the country's constitutional council has quit his post it would have been in charge of a process to draw up a new constitution following the resignation earlier this month of president abdel aziz purchase anti-government protesters continue to take to the streets demanding
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a complete overhaul of algeria's political system which they say is dominated by the military elite victoria geisha and the reports. celebrations on the streets of following the resignation of tiny belize he quit is chairman of algeria as powerful constitutional council the country's highest judicial body which oversees presidential and parliamentary elections to millions of protesters he represented an establishment that is corrupt and ineffective he was an ally of former president abdelaziz bouteflika who himself stepped down earlier this month after all jiri and demanded his twenty year rule and. was that belize is decision to quit is unlikely to quell the two month long protests algerians want to revamp of the entire political establishment this is a significant resignation but the same time i don't think it a nuff to satisfy the demands of the protesters who really want
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a genuine transition that's that's led by an independent figures following belize's resignation algeria's army chief guide salah said the military is looking at all options to find a solution to end the crisis. i'd like to reconfirm that all perspectives are available in order to overcome all the difficulties as soon as possible for the sake of the nation supreme interests regardless of personal interests. on the streets to discontent continues the same protest as he wanted beautifully out are unhappy with the appointment by parliament last week about still could have been salah as interim president the protesters would want obviously dissident president of the constitution a council. in place that would reside in the distant person would take all the done and the total to be with you which is a didn't but we do the prime minister and his government to go the new president
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will nominate the new minister and this new prime minister will follow the technocratic government. derian the concern the old guard maybe maneuvering to maintain its influence they say that determined to continue pushing for real change victoria gate to be there. well now to libya the un recognized government is launching a strike on a camp of fighters loyal to the world wholly five to it was carried out on the outskirts of the capital tripoli government that has raised its state of emergency to the highest level as it defends the city from fighters backing have to the world health organization says at least one hundred seventy four people have now been killed in the battle for control of the libyan capital and eighteen thousand displaced libya's deputy prime minister says have to cannot be trusted to help the country recover from years of conflict have to still be for a basin interest and that's why he's not from. the get to the libya or take control
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of the country by forces that's why it is not. we have we have people in the parliament who can be in or we have people political arena libya from the east can view what's important for us the government is to keep the country united for peace. and mahmud up to why it has more now from tripoli. forces loyal to the e.u. and back to tripoli based government have been gaining ground on the southern outskirts of the libyan capital tripoli recently government forces have taken control of a bridge that is on the southern outskirts of the capital tripoli namely near us one a neighborhood and it's very close to their disused international airport the government forces have been also gaining ground on another part of the city namely in ains our area they say that they have managed to push have to back to the old locations
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overnight grad missiles launched by have to those forces landed in residential areas and at the same time a warplanes with the government of national called targeted the headquarters the headquarters of a military base belonging to the world really for have to in algebra area that's in the central desert of libya now seventy six people have been killed so far and four hundred and four hundred seventy five have been wanted that's according to the tripoli based government we know that have to the forces have been recently losing momentum especially with the fact that there is a wave of anger against have to in the west of libya and also from international institutions especially with the with the residential areas being targeted by heavy weapons from have to his forces recently have to his forces have been retreating. on the southern outskirts of the libyan capital tripoli and also planes belonging
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to warlords really for have to have recently stopped targeting government forces areas especially after the government managed to shut down pro have to work or plane on sunday. it was al jazeera live from london more still ahead on the program hundreds of people have been made homeless in afghanistan as heavy rains and flooding destroyed houses and farmland the first shipment of humanitarian aid arrives in venezuela as the u.n. estimates that more than a quarter of the population is in desperate need of it. going. into. the in. the in. hello there we've had some pretty violent thunderstorms in parts of europe recently some of the worst of those have been down in the southeast corner and this is what it looks like in greece that white there
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that's not snow that's that's the amount of hail we've seen they came down with an awful lot of water so you can see that rushing through the streets and it wasn't the only place we saw the halley there there was also a lot of hail in the southern parts of italy now those violent thunderstorms are gradually edging away towards the southeast so forcing greece it is drawing up brightening up but this area of cloud still wrapping itself up through ukraine heavy downpours here further west to here we've got another weather feature this one has given us some pretty windy conditions a fair amount of rain as well but it's easing as edges its way eastward so there's already a great deal less to it as we head through wednesday and behind it we'll see the temperatures rise as we head through the next few days if a paris twenty where we are maximum on wednesday and twenty two by the time we get to thursday spaded portugal is a bit different though lots of cloud also rain rolling in his of the temperatures they'll be dropping away quite rapidly some of that will also be making its way into the northwestern paulus of africa so we could see
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a few showers around him or about certainly looks like a cloudy day for the east though it's looking a lot brighter than it has been recently. in the. dreams have to. to be disappointed. if anyone called me to say he'd leave each. other off to call three young north africans tell the story of how europe is known all they hoped it would be. al-jazeera world welcome to italy.
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welcome back a recap of the top stories this hour more than eight hundred forty seven million dollars has been pledged to help rebuild the not true don cathedral in paris which was severely damaged by a file on monday evening france's president has vowed to rebuild the cathedral within five years as people have continued to gather in the french capital for gatherings and vigils following the fire that tore through that historic monument. chairman of algeria's constitutional council tie up allies has quit his post would have been in charge of a process to draw up a new constitution after the resignation of this month of president abdul aziz beautifully. and in libya the un back government is now watched him as strike on account of fighters loyal to one hundred twenty five to new tripoli at least one hundred forty seventy four people have been killed in the battle for control of the
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city and eighteen thousand displaced. are now to other stories we're following on the pressure from protest leaders sudan's ruling military council has sacked the public prosecutor and two of his aides they had previously played a key role in. locking up government critics these are recent scenes from the capitol hard to maya protesters continue to demand military leaders and taken power to step aside and let civilians be in charge less than a week off to present a model bashir was deposed they fear nothing will be done to end the repression or the economic crisis in the country ever morgan has more from hard to. the military council has announced that it has dismissed the state attorney as well as his aides they're saying it's part of reforms to judicial system and part of a response to demands made by political parties and protesters on the streets political parties the protesters have been saying that the judicial system is politicized and favored the former ruling party and they say that they will not
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stop protesting until they are reforms made not just to the judicial system but to the national intelligence and security services as well as handing over to power to a civilian interim government now political parties amateur council are deferring on the mandate and the role of the transitional government the council wants to be the one supervising that government and they will want the political parties to become prime minister and members of the cabinet the political parties are saying that they cannot take a cabinet they cannot speak of prime minister if they're not sure that the that the council will not interfere in the day to day affairs of the government meanwhile hundreds of people continue to make their way to the protests to the protests in front of the army headquarters in tottenham and they have been calls for sit ins in front of army headquarters around the state by the sudanese professional association the body that is spearheading the protest since last december they're saying that if power is not handed over to civilian government that is independent
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from the from the interactions and has nothing to do with the military counts and then the protests will not end so far the african union has given sudan fifteen days to form a government that was yesterday so they're now left with two weeks to form a government and they're nowhere near forming fat government and it's not clear yet with the difference between them and between political parties and the council and the amount mandate if they will meet that deadline. egypt's parliament has passed proposed changes the constitution that could let president abdel fatah sisi remain in power until twenty thirty parliament approved the amendment on tuesday to extend cc's current term by two years and the last time to stand for another six year mandate the general turned president has been in power since two thousand and fourteen after leading the military in ousting mohamed morsi well now to afghanistan at least ten people have died and many more are missing in the floods warnings of flash flooding have now been issued across two thirds of the country charlotte ellis reports from kabul. this mean heavy consistent rain in kabul for
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nearly a week in the city simply isn't suited up to deal with this this is the result of rivers flooded this river rose to this level on monday and in the last twenty four hours about sixty homes have been destroyed in this immediate area police and council have started to distribute sandbags so we've got some here lining up trying to protect to the homes from destruction and children here taking the sandbags dragging them and trying to build some type of of a bag to protect the homes as this river searches and thracians of the homes in this area we talked to some residents about their homes and where they will live will go along with. i had a call from the renters of my house there's a flood and i told them to get out because it was so dangerous for the children i said forget about the house we can rebuild it but get your children out my home is also brougham everyone is worried about the safety of the. people especially this
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area people that are really bored. there is not good quality. because of. the flooding isn't isolated just here in kabul with a swift through the middle portion of the country east to west there are flash flood warnings are in twenty four of thirty four provinces the worst of province is herat in the far west there hundreds of homes have been destroyed thousands of acres of farmland many people have been a peg and put into government facilities in herat city there has been big flooding issues in afghanistan over the winter that had three times as much rainfall as normal and know that the ground assault on the string rains are coming through there is roof maybe further displacement as rains continue. a small plane has crashed in southern chile killing six people on board say the plane crashed near an airdrome most parts of mont about six hundred twenty miles from the capital of santiago the town's mayor says the plane crashed shortly after takeoff.
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now the first shipment of red cross humanitarian aid has arrived in venezuela which has suffered for more than four years of recession marked by shortages of food and medicine the aid shipments are the result of an agreement reached with the opposition and the government of president nicolas maduro who dura had blocked previous efforts to deliver assistance and has denied the existence of any humanitarian crisis in the country our correspondent allison is it could on the venezuela colombia border. the first shipment landed in caracas main airport on tuesday after much armed wrestling between the venezuelan government and the opposition rival it was complicated by the fact that president nicolas maduro four years the nih the existence of an economic crisis in the country let alone trying to address it and this have been further complicated by the fact that the
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opposition forcibly tried to enter aid that was sent here on the border between colombe a ends in this way led by the united states in which the government of venezuela thought it was a political tool to try and push nicolas maduro out of office but now this first shipment it did indeed arrive since the worsening of the situation inside the country convinced my daughter to reach a deal with the international red cross and the off position the red cross will be responsible for the distribution of this aid and to make sure to avoid any possibility that this aid to will be politicized by any of the factions in the country and independent electoral board is called for indonesians living in malaysia to recast their votes after allegations of rigging almost three hundred twenty thousand postal votes are believed to be affected the board has ordered a revote of the thousands of ballot papers which voted for president joker widodo
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were found in a warehouse outside kuala lumpur intonations in sydney say they were also unable to vote although they had huge for hours. russia's parliament has approved a final bill to create a domestic internet that is meant to protect the country from cyber threats three hundred seven lawmakers voted in favor of the net whilst only sixty eight opposed it the bill must be approved by the federation council and then signed by the president vladimir putin before it comes into force but critics fear the law will increase censorship and isolate russians from the rest of the world. protesters who say climate change should be treated as a global emergency have blocked major roads in london for a second day now but least say two hundred nine people involved in the demonstration organized by the extinction rebellion have been arrested his and it. was secondary to this parts of central london oxford street and one of the
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capital's busiest shopping after sister and daughter found privacy rights us by extension the body in the using of the study to try to highlight the issue of why using sea levels they say i have little choice but to protest because governments simply on the say i'm here because you know it's time to actually do something else apart from petitions and lobbying our m.p.'s and just the inaction that has been happening for too long to change that has been discussions and lobbying and petitions and politely asking i'm not hasn't got to say anywhere in order to enact social change we have to be big and close destruction we didn't get the vote by the asking nicely with a mosque because that doesn't work we saying this is an emergency this is happening now how to not waste the time this must happen now for every down the government
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going to the police helicopter whirring above us and there are police dotted around this area where exits in rebellion have gathered we're also hearing there have been a number of arrests as of now one of the protest sites down the hall to the footage the protesters of that all say they are not going anywhere until the government listens to the. car sales around the world islam being with many blaming trade tensions between the united states and china but that hasn't stopped global also makers from turning to china where the electric car industry is booming al-jazeera is katrina you reports from the shanghai auto show. sports cars s.u.v.s and luxury sedans all standard kasha fat but the difference here is these are all electric battery powered vehicles are taking center stage here in shanghai with comic is showcasing models aimed at younger and wealthy
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a chinese consumer is the vehicle have to be very smart and very sexy and that's the thing that you are actually going to be appealing to you have to have a product really said is why those people was my and also was their body that they can enjoy their life while. china is the world's biggest comet and last year fifty percent of electric vehicles sold worldwide with touches to here the government's been determined to clean up polluted skies and become an industry leader in the development of electric cars but beijing is now rolling back subsidies planning to remove them entirely by twenty twenty three the subsidies are being taken away china doesn't want to see prices raised so disk up unease that under a lot of pressure. domestic comic has also faced increasing competition from foreign brands china has started to lift caps on foreign ownership and its industry food books like an audi have on announced they'll be bringing out that or an
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electric models here and revving up production and sales isn't one clear at this point exactly how much the market will do good but those subsidies are what's making these car so affordable to the people here so that's what's been doing with the doing the sales so without them we're we're entering kind of unknown territory here with more electric vehicles on the market than ever before comic is need to distinguish themselves by including more high tech features this one has auspiciously intelligent robots which you can come on to close the windows turn on the radio or even switch on the massage function feel confident i know me and. plenty of futuristic self driving concept cars are also in short but the most exciting innovations involve how much charge a battery can hold. passenger electric vehicles have a three hundred kilometer range. so from automatic battery swapping stations to
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faster plug in technology the race for electric dominance in china will come down to his batteries last longest. al-jazeera shanghai. quick reminder of the top stories this hour now more than eight hundred forty seven million dollars has been pledged to help rebuild or not to don cathedral in paris which was severely damaged by a fire on monday evening almost nothing remains of the cathedral's roof after flames looked through its medieval timbers and sent the wood spire crashing into the quiet area french president emanuel has vowed to restore the cathedral within five years. we are a people of builders and we have so much to rebuild we will reconstruct this
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cathedral of not within five years even more beautiful we can do it we will do it. the chairman of algeria's constitutional council liars has quit his post would have been in charge of a process to draw up a new constitution after the resignation earlier this month of president abdelaziz bouteflika anti-government protesters continue to take to the streets demanding a complete overhaul of our political system which they say is dominated by the military elite. in libya a un backed government has launched an airstrike on a camp of fighters loyal to warlord holly five near tripoli the government in the capital has raised its state of emergency to the highest level as it defends the city from fighters loyal to have to at least one hundred seventy four people have now been killed and eighteen thousand displaced. saddam's military council is sacked the public prosecutor and two of his aides move comes after pressure from protest organizers who continue to demand the military to step aside and let
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civilians be in charge less than a week after president of model bashir was deposed a fan nothing will be done to end of oppression or the economic crisis. and egypt's parliament has approved changes the constitution that could let president abdel fatah assisi remain in power until twenty thirty the amendment now needs to be put to the public in a referendum under the proposed changes sisi could extend his current term by two years and stand for another six year term he's been in power since two thousand and fourteen after leading the military and ousting mohamed morsi well that brings you up to date with all of our top stories this hour there will be more news later on i'll see you for that about half an hour's time after the stream which starts now.
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hi i'm femi oke a and you are in the stream today why did prison inmates united states come to islam i really could be lied to we discussed the documentary film the honest struggle which tells the story of an exit then there's the mission to help muslim converts as they leave jail leave your comments and questions for us in the you tube shop or on twitter. reentry sometimes is a misnomer because it implies a second chance and the reality for a lot of our brothers is that they don't really have a first chance up again the.

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